Stars boss issues Covid-19 vaccination plea

Stars' boss Peter Schroeck. Picture: Ian Burt

Stars' boss Peter Schroeck - Credit: Archant

King's Lynn boss Peter Schroeck is urging all Stars fans to get the jab.

Schroeck is keen to reveal the full extent of his battle with Covid in January and last month – and he says there were some ‘touch and go’ moments.

The former racer is now back to full health and preparing for the new season which starts in May.

 “It certainly got a bit too close to home,” said Schroeck. “It literally knocked me out for near enough a month. It certainly wasn’t a nice position to be in.

“Getting the virus has certainly given me a new perspective on the pandemic and life in general. You read about it all in the papers and then you forget it, but this time it hit me quite badly, having quite severe breathing problems.

“There were a couple of nights where I thought, 'hang on, this is not going the right way', but I got through it with my family and a lot of good friends. I feel a lot better now and I have recovered quite a bit, so hopefully that’s it for me.

“I went out cycling last week for the first time and I could still feel the effects of it because after doing a couple of miles my chest was quite tight like it was when I had the virus.

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“I received my first Covid-19 vaccine which I’m really pleased about, and I know that is the only way we’re going to get out of this, whether we like it or not.”

After his up close and personal experience of Covid-19, Schroeck is still going to take every precaution when the speedway season gets underway in May.

He added: “I will still be wearing face masks even if people say tomorrow that it’s all over because I don’t think it’s going to be that straightforward. We just need to be aware that it will still be around us and we’re learning how to deal with it.

“We just have to wear masks and keep ourselves clean but I'm very confident everything will work out well because we’re doing all the right things over here with the vaccines.

“The government has given us a start date of May 17 for speedway which we’re over the moon about.

“Whether we go back to what we call normality is another thing, but my attitude is that I will fit in with whatever works for future generations which is why I decided to have the vaccine.”