Angling results and fixtures

Results and fixtures.


Barford league: C Kelly (ADSA) 3lb 2oz, T Anderson (ADSA) 29lb 2oz, D Goodwin (Bright sparks) 27 lb 12 oz.

Teams: ADSA 16 penalty points (65 lb 8oz), Latham's Fishing 16 (52lb 4oz),

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Lewis AWB 19.

Leading league standings: Latham's Fishing 24, Lewis AWA 35, Lewis AWB 36.

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Pike Qualifier, North Level: M Mumby (Sutton Bridge) 20lb 3oz, A McClagish (Wisbech) 18lb 3oz, M Jething (Skegness) 14lb

Pike Qualifier, Causeway: N Pottle (Lowestoft) 17lb 15oz, A Tarpeley (Hinderclay) 12lb 7oz, M Edwards (Lowestoft) 4lb 1oz.

Marsh Trail: G Bull (Lowestoft) 10lb, D Forrester (Lowestoft) 4lb 1oz, D Wingrove (Bungay) 5oz.

Hill Farm, Banham: C Wright (Lopham) 21lb 9oz, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 21lb 5oz, B Able (Norwich) 15lb 8oz.

Cobbleacre: R Finch (Deben) 18lb 6oz, C Gladding (Unique) 14lb, R Anderson (Cobbleacre) 6lb 14oz.

Barford (Thursday): J Randell (Sensas) 31lb 2oz, P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 27lb 15oz, L Carver (Barford Tackle) 21lb 8oz.

Barford (Saturday): A Tuck (GOT) 44lb 8oz, J Randell (Sensas) 36lb 11oz, W Martin (Lewis Aw) 11lb 12oz.

Sportsmans, Burgh Castle: L Arnold (Jolly Boys) 22lb 3oz, M Bunn (Sportsmans) 22lb 2oz, P Woods (Huntsman) 12lb 8oz.


Earlham Silvers, River Wensum: P Cooper 21lb 5oz, S Borrett 16lb 12oz, C Hinsley 11lb 9oz.

Jolly Boys, Barford: L Arnold 10lb 8oz, G Thomas 8lb 9oz, G Hunter 7lb 10oz.

Stalham Club Lagoon: R Austrin 9lb 2oz, C Timms & D Dearman 4lb 3oz.

Norfolk & Suffolk Veterans (Tuesday): L Higgins 11lb 10oz, D Brand 11lb 8oz, C Davey 9lb 11oz.

(Thursday): D Brand 13lb 3oz, C Davey 12lb, M Dobson 11lb 1oz.

Oddfellows, Barford: D Mason 16lb 6oz,

G Mason 11lb 8oz, N Kopti 10lb 10oz.

Codgers, Barford: B Martin 9lb 3oz, A Forrest 5lb 10oz, M Buxton 5lb 8oz.

Codgers, Barford: B Martin 7lb, A Forrest 4lb, G Bannister 3lb 12oz.

Holt Sea Anglers, Salthouse: P Fennech 2lb 4oz, D Conway 1lb 11oz, T Thomas 1lb 9oz.

Dereham & District, Bartles Lodge: 1 Steve Brown 18lb 11oz, 2 Rob Eglen 16lb 13oz, 3 Bill Bullock 10lb 10oz


Barford/Fox match: tomorrow, Railway Saturday Railway 01603 759624

Marsh Trail: March 6 01502 586284 or 07766697873

Pike Qualfier: Swanton Morley Feb 28, 01362 637591

Pike Pairs: Feb 28, The Chain Bridge, March 07944 267403

Dereham & District: Sunday, March 7 at Hingham Fishmere. To book, ring 01362 696989.

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