There may be few aspects of Norwich City that are providing moments of joy to supporters at present - but the women's team are moving from strength to strength. 

On Sunday, they became just one of seven teams in the FA Cup first round to overcome opposition at a higher level when they recorded a famous 1-0 victory over high-budget Hashtag United at the Nest. 

It was a victory that encapsulates the growing sense of progress around Martin Herdman's side as they have made an unbeaten start to their league campaign. 

With attendances growing at the Nest and some supporters beginning to tentatively look at a possible promotion - the mood around the side is upbeat and optimistic. 

Sunday's victory was born from the togetherness that has been slowly building - general manager Flo Allen was quick to heap praise on the side for the victory. 

"I am so proud. Every day, they have put in an incredible shift whether they are out on the training pitch or watching analysis clips at home - they give 110 per cent. I know it's cliche, but they do because I see it every day.

"The staff work meticulously behind the scenes so to see their work pay off (in Sunday's FA Cup win over Hashtag United) is excellent," she told the Pink Un.

"I'm a big believer that you make your own luck. To beat a team like Hashtag in the way we did, actually we didn't need any luck because we were better than them.

"To see that we can now compete against third-tier sides is a credit to the effort staff are putting in on a daily and weekly basis."

City's women have benefitted from a strong recruitment drive in the summer that saw them add several new signings to their squad. 

All have made an immediate impact on Herdman's side, implementing his high-pressing and energetic style of play impactfully. 

Allen believes the recruitment process over the summer has been validated by results at the start of the season - with the new additions playing a key role in Sunday's FA Cup upset. 

"We've brought in a few new signings in the summer. Part of our recruitment strategy was recognising that we needed balance in the team," Allen said.

"When we looked at what we needed, there were a few characters and personalities identified for what they could bring on the pitch. We are seeing that now.

Norwich Evening News: Goalkeeper Sarah Quantrill has made a real impact since joining the club.Goalkeeper Sarah Quantrill has made a real impact since joining the club. (Image: Richard Brown)

"Hope Strauss has been instrumental at the back in centre back alongside Ceri Flye, and Sarah Quantrill had an unbelievable game. For anyone who saw the last-minute save she pulled off, it was exactly why we brought her in.

"She has experience and brings a sense of calm at the back. When we called upon her in the last dying seconds, she pulled off a worldie."

The transition from former head coach Shaun Howes to Herdman has been seamless, with the ex-Durham coach having a positive impact since his summer arrival. 

"Part of our recruitment strategy with our head coach was somebody with character and someone who was enthusiastic in wanting to develop the players as people as well," she said.

"Martin has brought a real energy to the team. The girls have brought into his philosophy, his playing style and they enjoy being around the environment.

"That is one of the biggest changes - we're winning games but the tactical changes are slightly different and is keeping everyone on their toes. We have a great competition for places right now." 

Whilst the men's side face questions about form and criticisms over togetherness, the women's team are a direct contrast. They are establishing a community at the Nest that is helping the side make real strides on and off the pitch. 

"It's all about building our profile and the community and support around the team. The fans on Sunday carried us through at times," she said. 

"We took the lead in the ninth minute, and to play a lot longer than 90 minutes with the added time (and win) is a credit to the fans.

Norwich Evening News: Norwich City beat Hashtag United 1-0 at the Nest.Norwich City beat Hashtag United 1-0 at the Nest. (Image: Richard Brown)

"They are the ones that turn up week in, week out whether we're at Carrow Road, the Nest or the away matches, and it hasn't gone unnoticed. The players are very happy when they see the yellow and green outside the stadium. It spurs them on and I know it did on Sunday."

City's women have now played two league matches at Carrow Road and are targeting a third date for a showcase fixture before the end of the campaign. 

"We have got plans and are looking at one for the second half of the season. It is a big part of our strategy to have big matches at Carrow Road," she revealed.

"I spoke tonight about the data we have on our audience. We are attracting a young fanbase to the ground and a new audience. We're seeing that fans are returning to watch us, and that's excellent.

"It means we are creating a sense of belonging, and games at Carrow Road really help with that."