After much talk, speculation and debate Norwich are now in a post-Webber world.

While the discussions on his merits and flaws will rage on for the next months and probably years ahead, Norwich have a new man in charge.

Ben Knapper arrives at a time when Norwich are in their largest state of uncertainty for over a decade.

Confidence is dropping among the players and fans as quick as Norwich’s position in the league and there are no quick fixes that will magically solve the problems at the club. Certainly not ones that can be implemented cheaply.

What the new sporting director will find though is that despite the rocky performances on the pitch, the commitment to improving the club’s infrastructure off it will be solid foundations to start any rebuild.

Norwich Evening News: Stuart Webber's time as Norwich City sporting director ended after the win over Cardiff City

While there are running jokes about vegetable patches and the Soccerbot at Colney, the vast improvements to the facilities cannot be denied, especially with the latest addition being added this month in the shape of the rehab centre. Webber could be accused of pushing too hard and too fast to make these improvements while money was needed to secure the club’s position on-the-pitch. The tough decision between facilities or players is one Ben Knapper will probably not need to make, at least in the short-term.

However, it is key that Norwich take advantage of this spending, especially the work done on the academy and support the promotion of young players to the first team. It has been sad to see some criticism of the youth teams recently on social media, when Norwich’s brightest light so far in a fairly dark season has been Jon Rowe. Continuing to provide pathways for players such as Rowe, Gibbs and Warner, as well as those out on loan like Brad Hills and Abu Kamara is where Norwich can add the most value. Supplement these promising youngsters with some smart recruitment and we might see Norwich repeat the formula that initially propelled them to success under Webber and Farke.

You’d have to suspect the first thing on the sporting director’s already very long to-do list is to decide what to do regarding David Wagner. Had Norwich not pulled off a dramatic comeback on Saturday then I don’t think there would be any question on what needed doing. Maybe the result has given the head coach a small stay of execution, but it does very much seem the writing is on the wall.

I don’t envy the position Mr Knapper finds himself on his first day, I can’t imagine anyone starting a new job wants the first thing that needs doing is to sack someone, but this is the position he finds himself and I hope he has spent his break between leaving Arsenal’s London Colney base and arriving at Norwich’s Colney researching potential replacements.

So, if you are reading Ben (I hope you don’t mind me being so informal), there are three small tasks for you to sort out. Promote the youth, recruit smartly, and find a brilliant head coach. Not too much to ask for in your first week of a new job I would hope.