Mark Attanasio's group have been the source of intrigue since their involvement with Norwich City Football Club began last year. 

The American and his group of affiliates, which include a number of Milwaukee Brewers officials and Richard Ressler, are poised to increase their influence at Carrow Road. The club's announcement of a general meeting next month is a watershed moment. 

For as much as this step is about succession planning and looking to the future, Attanasio's involvement is also about the here and now. 

Norwich's financial predicament, coupled with an uncertain and difficult economic background nationally, means that they had little choice but to source some cheaper financing. 

In Attanasio and his group, they found it. A £33m package was put together - £5m will go into acquiring these shares whilst the other £28m serves as a debt repayment. 

Without it, Norwich would be in precarious waters. That, along with player trading and the sales of Milot Rashica, Max Aarons and Andrew Omobamidele this summer, will help to bring them back onto a sound financial footing. 

It is, undoubtedly, a hangover from Covid and the negative impact that had - but the summer window ahead of a poor Premier League 2021/22 campaign is also partially responsible for the position they find themselves in. 

For everyone, this step wasn't anticipated to be taken so soon. But the finances made it necessary. 

That is why Attanasio is yet to take the reins fully. Reaching parity existed on a date further down the line for both parties. There is a desire for more education and understanding of the world of football before he takes control of the ship. 

The American has been a positive influence in board meetings. The club are already dipping into his knowledge around data and are in regular contact with their counterparts at the Brewers. 

After reading the documentation released around news of a general meeting, it does feel like a deal favourable to Attanasio - but that reinforces the view that those in control at present aren't involved for monetary gain. 

Norwich Evening News: Mark Attanasio is stepping up his involvement in Norwich City.Mark Attanasio is stepping up his involvement in Norwich City. (Image: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd)

Underpinning his involvement, irrespective of motives, is the fact that for Attanasio and his group to step up their role, it has to be financially viable. Norwich have made it favourable for that reason. They also benefit from the agreement. 

For him, it also serves as leverage. It shows he is willing to help the club with debt - that will only strengthen his position when the moment comes to capitalise on further shares or become the sole controller of the club. 

The reason so many American businesspeople are getting involved with football clubs in England outside of the Premier League is that they are seen as a cheaper alternative to getting into the game. 

In the market, clubs outside of the top-flight are undervalued assets with potential. Getting them into the Premier League offers a wide range of opportunities - both from a sporting, financial and commercial perspective. 

The fact Attanasio has spent circa £70m for parity displays that. 

Attanasio has transformed the Brewers into a regular diner at the top table. That is the challenge at Norwich in the long term as well. 

In Smith and Wynn Jones, he has an experienced sounding board and excellent educators. The fact he has reached this stage at all should be reassuring to supporters given so many have failed to clear the high bar the pair put on involvement in the club. 

This may also represent the end of self-funding. But it would be remiss of supporters to think it was a new dawn of free spending. 

One only needs to dive into what Attanasio has built over a prolonged period at the Milwaukee Brewers - it's been a financially sound, youth first and heavy data approach to success. Ensuring they are 'perenially competitive' at the top table. There has been no throwing money to chase instant success. 

Smith and Wynn Jones have done remarkably well to keep Norwich sustainable. Throughout their tenure, given their lack of footballing wealth, it's arguable that the club have outperformed the sum of their parts. 

Football isn't getting cheaper. In Attanasio, they have found someone who ticks financial and moral boxes. 

Norwich Evening News: If the motion is passed - it'll end Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones' spell as majority shareholders.If the motion is passed - it'll end Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones' spell as majority shareholders. (Image: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd)

The dream of swimming against the tide is getting harder. The stark reality of failing to get back to the top-flight becomes harsher for every year you're away. 

It is a realisation that they need external help and an acknowledgement that Smith and Wynn Jones' ability to continue to fund the club to the level required is limited. 

As laid out in Norwich's financial report last year, external funding was a necessity for continued survival - not just a desirable. The reality could not be more stark in the 'ongoing concerns' of the last set of published accounts. 

As they have outlined on many occasions, Smith and Wynn Jones are merely custodians. They do not want to benefit financially from the club - that is a moral code that has guided their tenure as majority shareholders. 

This news is the precursor to a historic day for Norwich - after 27 years, the club will no longer have majority shareholders. It is a seismic day for the power struggles and the future direction of travel - but it is just as important for the here and now.