Norwich trainer Graham Everett says he is confident Ryan Walsh will win the mental battle against Jazza Dickens.

“Both parties have had to reset - rest, recover and then reset,” said Everett.

“I know what position we were in for the original fight in September – Ryan was in such a brilliant place.

“We had a little rest and then got back on it again. He has had world class sparring - his brother Liam, Maxi Hughes last week, Liam Goddard - really good rounds and he is in a very good place again.

“We have got to be right and we have got to be ready – and we are ready. It is difficult for everyone and it is the man who has got the strongest mind – and they don’t come much stronger than Ryan Walsh.

“I will be honest, I was proud of Ryan for the way he took the disappointment of the situation in September when the fight was called off because Jazza got Covid. He turned that situation around and said ‘it is not to be - we go again’.

“You can’t fault him. Ryan’s mindset is very, very strong. He didn’t get where he is today by not having a strong mindset. He is a good thinker, and he takes a lot of positivity out of things.

“At the end of the day, we are ready – again.”

The only audience will be those watching on TV as fights go ahead behind closed doors, but Everett praised the British Boxing Board of Control for their strict rules during lockdown.

"I think it is absolutely brilliant what the BBBoC have done, you can’t fault them,” he said. “It is why we have been allowed to carry on because of the restrictions and guidelines we go through. It is very, very difficult, but they have made it as safe as can be and you have to credit them.”

This will be the first time Everett has been in a fight corner since March 14, when Iain Martell won the Southern Area cruiserweight title at York Hall.

“I’ve been in the gym every day since and we keep working every day and keep doing what we do,” he said. “But it has been a hard one and I have nothing but respect for my boxers who turn up and work. Respect to a group of honest pros and I thank them – and I thank them for keeping me sane as well.”