Your view on decision to shut Anglia Square car park in Norwich

Decision to close the multi-storey car park of Norwich's Anglia Square shopping precinct has received a mixed reaction

Signs were put up at he seven-storey car park in Edward Street, saying the site is 'closed with immediate effect' earlier this week.

Following the car park closure, we've been inundated with messages on social network website Facebook on what should happen to the area now.

Here's what some of our readers have said on Facebook when asked what your reaction was to the decision:

Christopher Pegg: 'That car park is a mess and hardly ever repair or clean this place' [sic]

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Shazza Chettleburgh: 'It needs knocking down and starting again. It's looking very, very dated and not a nice welcome for visitors to the area.'

Teresa Haistead: 'I worked in that area from 1988 to 1996 and used the shops there in my lunch break. [It] was decent enough back then. Needs a lot of TLC now though.'

Kate Webster: 'What the area needs is continued support from local residents so that any development will be encouraged.

'Sympathetic restoration is what this area deserves - unless you would rather be run in to the overcrowded, corporate orientated shopping areas where you will pay a premium for everything?

'Something as simple as a few bins and some soap on the shop signs would help this area temporarily. Yet to see someone make a stand for making the best of a convenient shopping area that is very useful to some people.'

Jane Modone Gosling: 'This could be such a thriving area and street, if only careful thought was given to it.

'I love Magdalen street and Anglia Square and would love to see someone with a little insight develop it to its full potential. I use Anglia square most days and have never felt it was dodgy.'

John Websdale said: 'It's an eye sore, has been for decades, turn it into a park.'