Your National Puppy Day photos

Caroline Mathers' dogs, Lara and Dori.

Caroline Mathers' dogs, Lara and Dori. - Credit: Archant

Paws everything you're doing; today is National Puppy Day. That's right - there's a day dedicated just to baby dogs. So what better excuse to commemorate the occasion, than by swooning over our readers' precious pups?

If the words 'National Puppy Day' aren't enough to send you into an involuntary fit of squeeing and awwing, perhaps our gallery will do the trick.

• Haven't got a puppy? Don't panic, today is the perfect opportunity to adopt a shelter dog or volunteer at your local animal shelter. For more information and animal-goodness, visit

• If you'd like to see your puppy in our gallery, send a photo (with the pooch's name) over to

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