Your chance to become lord of part of Norfolk

Anthony CarrollIt is a tranquil village overlooking the picturesque Norfolk Broads.Anthony Carroll

It is a tranquil village overlooking the picturesque Norfolk Broads.

And now people have to chance to lord it over Thurne, near Great Yarmouth, by buying the manorial rights for the village and surrounding area.

For about �10,000 the title of Lordship of Thurne can be purchased in a private sale from London-based Manorial Auctioneers.

Whoever buys the title, which also covers neighbouring Ashby and Oby, will have the right to put lord of the manor on letter heads, credit cards and passports and will become eligible for membership of the Manorial Society of Great Britain.

And any new lord of the manor will create a historical manorial link stretching back to pre-Norman times.

Robert Smith, from Manorial Auctioneers which handles about 60 manorial sales a year nationally, said there would be two types of people interested in buying the Thurne title which is currently owned by 83-year-old London woman Isolde Guenthur.

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Mr Smith said: 'Normally people from the area or the county involved will try and purchase any lordships.

'And also any Americans who have an ancestor buried in the local churchyard for example would be very interested.'

Also included in the sale of the Lordship of Thurne are manorial documents dating back to the 18th century.

Anyone interested in purchasing the Lordships of Thurne should can Manorial Auctioneers on 0207 582 1588 or visit