Youngsters are praised for taking care of new Norwich skatepark

Youngsters in Thorpe Marriott have been praised by the local community for putting in some elbow grease to look after the community's new skatepark.

Skateboarders and BMX riders have been enjoying the new �100,000 TM Green Arena, at the former ball court on Thorpe Marriott Green, which was opened last month.

Since the school summer holidays started the skatepark has been packed with people looking to hone their kick-flips, ollies and jumps with the new equipment.

But there have also been plenty of the youngsters making sure that their new skatepark isn't getting ruined by rubbish and dirt. Sally Wilson-Town, Taverham Parish Plan sub-committee vice-chairman, who helped lead the TM Green Arena project, said: 'I think the kids really appreciate the skatepark and because it has been opened at the start of the school holidays, we didn't realise how many kids would use it, and it's from the surrounding villages as well.

'There is a huge amount of litter and we didn't realise how much there would be but Broadland District Council have given us some wheelie bins for the interim period while we decide how we are going to deal with the litter.

'I know there have been some people who have been a bit distressed about the amount of litter but there is a good group of kids looking after the skatepark.'

TM Green Arena was campaigned for by local people for over three years and was funded by a combination of community fundraising and money from different organisations including Broadland District Council, Taverham Parish Council, Broadland District Council and Biffaward.

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And so far it has proved very successful.

Jacob Wymer, 14, said: 'I think it's great, worth all the time and effort people have put into it as it is being used by everyone.'

Adam Laskey, 18, said: 'I think the skatepark is amazing. I bike there every day and it's like six miles away from my house.

'Everything there is nice, the thing is people need to put rubbish in the bin and treat it with respect.'

While Liam Wright, 16, added: 'It is a good investment and keeps us out of trouble.'

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