Youngster’s bike ride around Colney, Earlham and Cringleford to help animals

A young boy has done a fundraising bike ride to raise money for animals in need.

Nine-year-old John Fraser, pictured, from Stannard Road, Norwich, was inspired to support the work of Kate Green, from a Brighton-based European animal welfare group, after hearing about her work to help dogs in need of new homes in Spain.

In July he set out on a six mile bike ride around the Colney, Earlham and Cringleford areas and raised about �235 for the cause.

John's mum Helen Fraser said: 'She is a marvellous woman and we have supported her work for a quite a few years.

'I think John's fundraising and interest in animal welfare is fantastic. He also comes with us at the weekend to walk dogs at Hillside animal sanctuary in Frettenham.'