Revealed: 8 'essential' back to school items according to kids

Schoolchildren with backpacks stand in the park ready to go to school, long photo

Bag, tick, pencil case, tick, shoes, tick, haircut.... drat - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The bags are packed. The shoes are shined. Sandwiches made and in the fridge. 

Norwich went back to the classroom this week - and whether or not city youngsters headed to University or primary school, this September was especially significant. 

But what do children and young people think are the key items to have to be prepared? 

We spoke to people heading back to school, college and University, about what they deemed were the most important items to have. 

1. A fresh haircut

Archie Reynolds, an eight-year-old from Norwich said a tidy haircut was essential, adding: "You've got to look smart." 

2. Copious amounts of fake tan

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Harrison Elvin, 20, is heading for the bright lights of London and is attending the Urdang Academy.  

The Norwich youngster said: "I need fake tan to avoid looking like a ghost, no one wants to be the freshers ghoul."

3. Scooter

Six-year-old Ollie Stubbs is heading back to primary school in Costessey. 

He said a scooter was his top pick, adding: "You've got to arrive in style."

4. Blanket

"I leave a blanket in my locker just in case I need to put my head down for a nap during my lunch break,"  said 19-year-old Tara Daynes.

Tara is also making the journey from Norwich to London and is attending Lambda school.

5. Large amounts of pasta

Carbs are essential, said 19-year-old Megan Burns. 

The fellow Urdang-bound student said: "Every university student needs pasta, it is so quick and easy to make." 

6. A brand new outfit 

Felicity Harvey, 17 is heading to college in Great Yarmouth, and said: "A new outfit for your first day of college is definitely an essential. 

"Feeling good on your first day makes you feel so confident." 

7. Door stop

If you're headed for halls, a door stop can help keep it social. 

 Asha Notarianni, 22, is going into her final year at the University of East Anglia's medical school: "This is an absolutely essential piece of kit for anyone heading into halls, it is much more sociable to have your door open, but nobody has time to stand and hold their door open." 

8. Early alarm

Korben and Devon Green, who are 15 and 12 respectively, said setting a good alarm early was the key to success. 

The Dickleburgh lads explained: "We've set the alarm 30 minutes before we need to get up, and a spare alarm just in case." 

Special mentions also included: reusable water bottles, pens, notepads, new phone cases, new bags, microwavable saucepans, gum, pre school jabs, sharpies and folders. 

What are your essentials?

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