'Car spotter' Isaac sees city motorheads turbocharge his hobby

Isaac Tibbitts was gifted loads of car badges by The Bodycentre Ltd in Norwich. 

Isaac Tibbitts has seen offers stream in from motorheads in the city - Credit: The Bodycentre Ltd in Norwich. 

A city lad who dreams of being a professional petrolhead has seen his hopes turbocharged thanks to donations worth hundreds. 

Thorpe St Andrew teen Isaac Tibbitts is frequently found snapping super cars in garages and body shops around the city. 

And his hard work has paid off having gained thousands of views and followers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Now, motorheads across the city have put their hands in their pockets, donating badges and car parts to Isaac as well as offering him test rides.

Gary Tibbitts, Isaac's father, said: "We are delighted by the support that Isaac has had from professionals in the car industry and local car owners who clearly understand Isaac’s passion for cars."

The rally around Isaac began after he visited The Bodycentre in Concorde Road. 

Jake Masters, digital marketing manager for the brand, said: “In the past couple of years there has been a rise in a trend of ‘car spotters'.

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"They follow us on our social media, and visit us regularly, one in particular was Isaac.  

Isaac got to sit in some of the cars at The Bodycentre. 

Isaac got to sit in some of the cars at The Bodycentre. - Credit: The Bodycentre

“Isaac visited us and asked if we had any old car badges he could have for a display. Then we posted a picture - the idea was to show our community the passion and dedication Isaac has for cars. 

“We suddenly received hundreds of comments from people in the local community, and what happened next was truly amazing.” 

Offers streamed in from car badges to off-road driving lessons in high-spec racing cars.

Money is also being raised in order to buy Isaac a top-of-the-range DSLR to help further his passion.  

Isaac said: "I have gone to the Bodycentre a couple of times. I've met all the guys and they know how much I'm into cars.

"For me it's always been nice to go out and take pictures and film cars, so to own badges as well is awesome."

He added: "From their posts so many opportunities and offerings of car parts and experiences have been opened to me. I'm so happy."

isaac loves taking photos of cars.

isaac loves taking photos of cars, the community are working together to get him a top of the range camera to continue his passion. - Credit: Isaac Tibbitts