Year on year petrol prices in Norwich still show rise above inflation

Petrol prices in the Norwich area have risen above the rate of inflation in the past 12 months, despite falling oil prices, an Evening News survey has revealed.

The survey found that while petrol price rises were not as steep as in the previous year, they continued to increase at levels above the rate of inflation in the last 12 months.

The rise in the price of diesel is especially marked with many petrol stations in the Norwich area charging up to 10p per litre more now than at the start of last year. And today a survey from the AA suggested the rises were beginning to bite, with sales starting to slump.

Across the city, the price of unleaded at the Shell garages in Plumstead Road and Sweetbriar Road has risen from 121.9p on January 6, 2011 to 129.9p now, and for diesel, from 126.9p to 137.9p in the same period.

Meanwhile, the price of unleaded at the Jet station in Rose Lane jumped from 125.9p to 131.9p, and diesel from 130.9p to 138.9p in the same period.

Petrol prices are more expensive in surrounding areas with unleaded costing 136.9p at Manor Garage, Brundall compared to 129.5p in January, and diesel rising from 133.5p to 143.9p over the same period.

The survey shows that the cost of unleaded has gone up in many cases more than 6pc since January and diesel more than 8pc, while the rate of inflation is under 5pc.

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However, motorists were given some good news in November when the Chancellor delayed the planned 3p fuel rise set for this month in his autumn statement.

An AA spokesman said the extent of potential petrol price rises in 2012 was hard to predict.

He said: 'We are starting the new year with stability because we will not have the 3p fuel rise that was planned, which will now come in August. We will have to see what happens in the budget in March.

'Hopefully we are not going to see the all-time high petrol prices of May 2011 again, but, with unleaded an average 130p per litre nationwide and diesel 140p, it would not take a rise of much to get back to that.

'Our research already shows that people are hurting with the current petrol prices with many having cut back on driving, eco-driving, or abandoning journeys.

'But drivers could get some joy in 2012 if oil prices go below $100 a barrel, but it's very hard to predict what price we will be paying for petrol this time next year.'

In 2010 an Evening News survey revealed that petrol prices had risen by more than 7pc in December 2010 alone. Drivers were hit by a double whammy of increased fuel duty and the 2.5pc VAT rise.

Plans for the 3p fuel rise, planned to come in this month , caused outrage among both motorists and backbench MPs and more than 100,000 UK drivers signed a petition calling for the rise to be delayed.

Meanwhile, more than 100 MPs signed a motion calling for the rise to be ditched and replaced with a stabiliser to steady fluctuations in fuel prices.

In November the AA said that there was a clear north-south divide in how much drivers were paying for petrol with people in London and south-east England forking out more than those in the north of England.

The AA said pump prices remained artificially high in many places, because there was not the transparency in the fuel market to indicate where prices should be.

In November, it was also revealed that the gap between the average price of diesel and petrol had grown to its widest level since 2008. Figures released by the AA showed the average price of petrol fell 0.81p a litre in the month to 133.7p, but the average price of diesel rose by 1.3p a litre.

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Fuel prices in and around Norwich on January 6, 2011 and December 30, 2011

Shell, Plumstead Road: 6.01.11: unleaded 121.9p, diesel 126.9: 30/12/11 unleaded 129.9p, diesel 137.9p

Shell, Sweetbriar Road: 6.01.11: unleaded 121.9p, diesel 126.9p: 30/12/11 unleaded 129.9p, diesel 137.9p

Jet, Rose Lane: 6.01.11: unleaded 125.9p, diesel 130.9p: 30/12/11 unleaded 131.9p, diesel 138.9p

Manor Garage, Brundall: 6.01.11: unleaded 129.5p, diesel 133.5p: 30/12/11 unleaded 136.9p, diesel 143.9p

Total, Thickthorn roundabout: 6.01.11: unleaded 126.9p, diesel 128.9p: 30.12.11 unleaded 130.9p, diesel 138.9p

Coltishall Island, Coltishall: 6.01.11: unleaded 126.9p, diesel 131.9p: 30.12.11 unleaded 133.9p, diesel 140.9p

Fuelforce, Aylsham Road: 6.01.11: unleaded 127.9p, diesel 130.9p: 30.12.11 unleaded 129.9p, 138.9p