Yarmouth seafront gets another facelift

Liz CoatesA seafront facelift meant to last up to 20 years is showing its age after just four.lLiz Coates

A seafront facelift meant to last up to 20 years is showing its age after just four.

Millions of regeneration money was pumped into Yarmouth's Golden Mile but contractors are poised to move in for a bit of botoxing to make it look more attractive.

Norfolk County Council blames wear and tear and Yarmouth's sandy foundations for the premature ageing but insists the work overall is up to standard.

Contractors are being called back to repair the damage and ensure longer-lasting materials were used and a council spokesman said: 'It does not cost the tax payer but it does cause inconvenience.

'The real difficulty all over Yarmouth is that it is built on a sandbank. There is very little really good solid ground and we get problems with subsidence.

'There was some repair work last year and we are having to revisit it, particularly at the crossing tables that take a pounding from traffic. But they should have lasted longer so they are trying to use a different technique to give it a longer life.

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'The specification for the materials is absolutely critical. If something goes wrong, you see the consequences. It's only lasted around four years and it should have lasted between 15 and 20 years.'

'What we do not want is for it to start permanently deteriorating. If for whatever reason work does not stand up the county council insists it is done properly and usually contractors are perfectly willing to do it because it is their reputation that is on the line.'

The work will include a trial of a different surface finish on one crossing to see whether it lasts longer.