Yarmouth’s Jane is looking chipper

In the first of a two part makeover sisters from one of Yarmouth market's famous chip vans swap the chip fat for a new look. By Emma Harrowing.

For the past three years Jane Welch has worked on her family's chip van at the heart of Yarmouth market.

Now that she is 47 years old, Jane feels that she needs more variety when it comes to her look.

'As I work on a chip van I have always felt that my style is good enough,' says Jane. 'For the last few months I have been longing to change my look. I've had the same hair style and make-up for years, but I'm scared to try anything new. It's so easy to stick to the styles that I know.'

Many people who feel stuck in a rut when it comes to the way they look often just don't know what styles suit them.

It is easy – and free – to discover what new fashion trends suit you. There are many free personal shopper and fashion advisory services in department stores and independent boutiques in Norwich where you can get advice on what colours and shapes flatter you the most and find out how you can wear the latest trends.

One such place is Debenhams where we took Jane to meet personal shopper Helen to help her get out of her style rut.

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Helen chooses a pair of red skinny jeans and teams them with a Japanese inspired print top and heels. The look can be dressed down for work with a pair of flats or boots and layered with a chunky jumper and coat in the winter.

The verdict

Jane says: 'I always stick to plain muted colours so wearing a patterned top and red skinny jeans are items that I never thought that I could wear. I would definitely wear this look to work with a jumper or jacket and I love how the addition of the high wedge heels make this look glamorous enough for an evening out – not that I get to go out much, although looking at how I look now this could change!'

Hair by Danielle at Saks on Orford Hill. Make-up by Emma at Clarins in Debenhams.