The Instagram account celebrating Norwich's weirdness


Original caption: "the infamous norwich gnœme häus" Spotted on Dereham Road, 19th October 2020. - Credit: Instagram/@wyrdnorwich

Wyrdnorwich celebrates the weird and wonderful things which happen in Norwich. 

The street photography page was started in October 2020 and is curated by Meg Watts, a literature and creative writing student at the University of East Anglia.

The 21-year-old, who is originally from Wiltshire, said she didn't think anyone would be interested in the account but it now how more than 2,000 followers and gets 15 submissions a day. 

"I'm from a small, odd town, there's lots of pagan and witch activity, it's just a part of life," said Miss Watts. "Norwich is its own brand of really strange, I love it. And once you start looking, you see more and more."

Wyrdnorwich is known for its photo captions and Miss Watts still shares a lot of her own photos.

Due to the account's popularity, the student had to recruit Robb, another student who became a page admin to help with submissions. 

"They're literally just the first thing that comes into my head, really anyone could run Wyrdnorwich", she said.  "I encourage people to make their own weirdness.

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"I really love Tarmac, he was one of the first things I saw, the owner actually found out and commented on the post.

"I do also really like the labelled animal graffiti and Milk."

When asked about the future of Wyrdnorwich, Miss Watts said: "I can't say too much because we do actually have something planned, but I'd love to do a map of all of our Wyrdnorwich spots, and we're making a website."

Have you seen any weird things around Norwich? Send them to @wyrdnorwich on Instagram.