Wymondham students design striking tribute to Norfolk war heroine

Students from Wymondham High start ont heir Edith Cavell memorial which will be on diosplay in Sward

Students from Wymondham High start ont heir Edith Cavell memorial which will be on diosplay in Swardston on the 99th anniverasry of her death. Street Artist Kevin parker, Charlotte Vincent, Katie Billham, Yen-Yen Loke, and art teacher Andrew McFadyen. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2013

A Norfolk war heroine was remembered when students created a giant art installation to mark the 99th anniversary of her death.

The group of 13 and 14-year-olds from Wymondham High Academy used images and a word path to commemorate the life of British nurse Edith Cavell, who is celebrated for saving the lives of First World War soldiers on both sides.

The project – which will be displayed on the cricket pitch in her home town of Swardeston – will only appear normal when viewed at a particular viewpoint, using technology employed with road signs and advertising on sports pitches.

It will be displayed from Saturday, October 11 to Sunday, October 12 – the anniversary of her execution by German military firing squad.

Andrew McFayden, organiser and art teacher at the college, said: 'Edith Cavell's story is a unique one, but one which has different significances for different people. We hope to use this artwork as a way of exploring the idea that Edith Cavell was much more than the 'patriot and martyr' that she is often remembered as.'

Pupils studying history, maths and art were involved in planning and creating the work – which will include a word path made up of 50 words chosen to describe the character.

The project will be painted onto the cricket pitch using sports line marking paint.

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Edith Cavell, who was born in Swardeston on December 4, 1865, helped more than 200 Allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium during the First World War.

She was arrested, found guilty of treason and sentenced to death – and despite international pressure for mercy, she was killed aged 49.

Well-known for her statement that 'patriotism is not enough', she was quoted as saying that she couldn't stop 'while there are lives to be saved'.

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