Wymondham mum needs help showing off her new figure

Losing weight is great, but for Wymondham mum Kate Roe, it has given her a style dilemma. Emma Harrowing helps her find the look that shows off her new shape.

Losing eight-and-a-half stone is a great achievement for mum-of-one Kate Roe, from Wymondham. Having always been 'a little bit on the big side' and having put on weight during her pregnancy, Kate managed to shed her baby weight and more and is now a trim size 16 to 18.

'I have always struggled with my weight and I was bullied for being a little bit bigger than the other kids when I was at school,' says 33-year-old Kate. 'The thought that my son might be embarrassed to be seen with me at the school gates when he starts school propelled me into taking action to lose weight.'

Kate joined the Wymondham Slimming World group and with the support of Slimming World consultant Debbie Smith and the rest of the group she quickly lost weight and changed the way she thought about food so that the weight would not pile back on again.

'It's thanks to the support of Debbie and the group as a whole that I got the support and advice I needed to lose weight,' says Kate. 'The diet is pretty easy to stick to. I am now on the extra easy diet, which is basically a healthy eating plan. Nothing is off limits and you don't have to count calories or points. It's a diet that I can stick to for the rest of my life even with a young family.'

Kate wears outfit from John Lewis. Hair is by Saks on Orford Hill and makeup is by Lancome in John Lewis.