Wymondham mum gets a brighter and lighter look for the new season

In the second part of our weight loss makeovers, Tara Chamberlin from Wymondham gets a new look to suit her new shape. By Emma Harrowing.

Losing weight and then not knowing how to dress your new shape after years of wearing baggy clothes is a dilemma many of you are facing at the moment. Following on from last Monday's makeover in your Norwich Evening News about Kate Roe, who lost a staggering eight-and-a-half stone, this week's makeover is in a similar vein.

Mum-of-one Tara Chamberlin, from Wymondham, has lost six- and-a-half stone by following Slimming World's Extra Easy diet. The 26 year old goes to the same weight loss class in Wymondham as last week's 'makeoveree' Kate, and like Kate she has the same dilemma when shopping for clothes to show off her new body.

'Although I have lost so much weight and I am a lot slimmer than I was, I still find that I go to the baggy clothes I used to wear when I was bigger,' says Tara. 'I love bright colours, but when I was bigger I stayed away from anything that would make people notice me. Now that I have lost weight I basically don't know what styles to choose.'


Gravitating towards the styles you used to wear before you lost weight is a natural occurrence. Some people also cannot picture themselves as their svelte self and will only see how they used to look. This is why it is a good idea to get some style advice from someone impartial, such as one of the fashion advisors at one of the many department stores in Norwich.

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Life Matters took Tara to see the fashion advisors in John Lewis to give her advice on the styles she should wear to complement her shape. Tara is slightly smaller on her top half than her bottom half and she has a defined waist. It is this part of her body she needs to emphasise in the clothes that she wears. To do this she should look for high-waisted trousers or skirts, wear belts around the waist, not the hips, or look for wrap-dress styles that fasten at the waist. She should also go for cropped jackets and tops that fall to her waist line. As her hips are slightly bigger than her top half, she can balance out her look by opting for A-line skirt and dress styles.

The dress chosen for Tara is in the bright colours that she craves to wear. It nips in at her waist to emphasise the smallest part of her body and skims over her hips. The high neck balances her top half with her hips and the overall pattern creates a slim line silhouette.

Hair by Danielle at Saks and Makeup by Clarins in John Lewis.

The verdict

Tara says: 'I've had a really nice day and it was nice to have a bit of 'me' time. Finding out what clothes to wear that will flatter my new shape was eye-opening and having my hair and makeup done was a treat. I'm loving the colours in my hair and I'm amazed that I look so different just by having my makeup done.'