Wroxham petition to Broadland council

Dozens of people living in a Wroxham street are asking the council to enforce planning conditions which would mean their road is properly looked after.

A petition containing the 50 names of every householder in Park Road has been served on Broadland Council. Several conditions were agreed when South Norfolk Development was given permission to convert a care home in Park Road and build more homes on the site in 2006.

Two conditions were that no development should start on the site before details of the reconstruction of Park Road were agreed and that none of the homes should be occupied before Park Road was reconstructed.

But people living in the road claim these conditions have not been met and say the road is now covered in pot holes.

Phil Courtier, the council's head of development management and conservation, said that the planning situation was complex because the original developer had ceased trading.

The petition states that residents are 'increasingly alarmed that deep pot holes which are allowed to develop not only cause damage to cars, but present health and safety hazards to residents and in particular, to children and adults who accompany them when they visit the Agnes Gardner King playground. Such hazards include being run over by a car when it swerves into the forecourt of the fire station in order to avoid the potholes.'

Copies of the petition were also sent to Broadland MP Keith Simpson.

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Edwin Keen, 80, a retired civil servant who lives in Park Road and is behind the petition, said: 'Anger is rising among residents who feel quite incensed that a council can impose a planning condition, and then ignore it.

'No one living in the street who commented on the original planning proposals for the development would have approved them, if these planning conditions had not been not part of it.'

Mr Courtier said: 'Representatives of the new owners are questioning the enforceability of the conditions attached to the original planning permission.

'Mr Keen has been kept up to date with the council's investigations. We fully understand his frustration that the process appears slow and that this may have created an impression that the council does not view this matter with any degree of urgency.

'On the contrary, the council is continuing investigations to establish whether the two planning conditions in question, which were applied in good faith, can reasonably and lawfully be enforced in the current circumstances.

'Mr Keen's petition arrived on Friday morning addressed to our chief executive and a detailed response will be drafted after his return to the office on Monday.'

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