‘Stop pooing in our meadow’ - Council calls for end to beauty spot defecation

Wroxham Parish Council is calling for more awarenss of public loos. Pictured, clerk Clare male and c

Wroxham Parish Council is calling for more awarenss of public loos. Pictured, clerk Clare male and councillors Barry Fiske, Peter Mantle and Elaine Allsop. Picture: Malcolm Alsop - Credit: Malcolm Allsop

A village has called for an awareness campaign to be launched sharing the locations of public toilets - after human waste was repeatedly found in a Broads beauty spot.

Over the summer, members of Wroxham Parish Council grew increasingly frustrated after rogue defecators were found to have abused Caen Meadow, a waterside haven in the village.

The issue became a repeat occurrence, with one occasion seeing a parish councillor don rubber gloves and clear waste and toilet paper away from the site.

Now the council is calling for better publication of where public loos are, in hopes it will stop people doing their business in the beauty spot.

Barry Fiske, parish council chairman, said: "It is pretty clear from the location of the excement that it has been left by people using a day boat who thought it would be acceptable to defecate in our village beauty spot.

"What we are calling for is an education campaign by the Broads Authority and boat hirers to make people aware of the location of public toilets and of their environmental responsibilities when using the Broads National Park."

As it stands, the BA does list locations of villages on its website, but Mr Fiske is hoping more can be done to stamp out the problem

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Mr Fiske added: "Some boat hirers from urban areas seem to think that any waterside field with a bush in is a potential public toilet.

"If the Broads Authority and the boat hirers can get together we can hopefully reduce the problem of people fouling waterside land next season."

As part of the call, the parish council is writing to the Broads Authority and the Broads Hire Boats Association asking them to work jointly on a leaflet to be distributed to all hirers detailing toilet locations and reminding them of their environmental responsibilities.

A spokesman for the Broads Authority said: "Concerns around pollution arising from human waste should be directed to the Environment Agency.

"However, we would fully support Wroxham Parish Council's campaign to raise awareness about the location of public toilets."

The Broads Authority spokesman added that the nearest public toilets to Caen Meadow are located at the visitor centre in Hoveton.

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