Woman wins dream makeover with �4 bid

A young Norfolk woman has won a �5,000 makeover from an online auction.

Former City College student Danielle Sheehan bid �3.90 for the 'ultimate makeover' prize, which enabled her to fulfil her dream of having breast enhancements.

Danielle, represented by Norwich modelling agency The Kerri Parker Academy, who works with mentally ill patients, won the ultimate makeover package in March last year after bidding online for almost an hour.

She said: 'I was determined to win. I had won a mobile phone from the site before so I knew how the site worked.

'It didn't feel like I had won the prize, I had to keep checking my emails,' she said.

Prior to the surgery she had modelled for Nuts and Zoo magazines and had experience in promotion work.

After discussing with her mum, she decided to have her breasts enlarged from a 34C to a 34E.

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The 20-year-old, from Rouses Lane, Starston, said: 'I spoke to my mum before about how big I wanted to go. My new boobs bring out my shape a lot more. I am really happy with them, they don't look massive.

'I had the surgery done at the Spire hospital in June last year and was a day case so I didn't have to stay overnight. I had spent a lot of time researching the best surgeon and I am pleased I did because I am usually quite impulsive.'

The surgery cost nearly �4,100 and she spent the remaining �900 on a shopping spree in London. 'I bought loads of bras and some Chanel perfume and lots of clothes from the high street,' she said.

Danielle's ambition is to be a dancer on a cruise ship and she is in the process of auditioning for dance schools.

Since the surgery, she has been offered work as a ring girl for boxing matches.

Although she is delighted with the results, she has found one drawback: 'I wanted to be in Front magazine – they liked my picture but I can't be in the magazine because I am not natural.

'I am more interested in promotional work rather than magazine work because it is more interactive with people.

'My makeover was a great opportunity. It made me feel great, I feel happier and more confident.'

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