Why Keith still has the edge on other writers

This is your chance to win a copy of the new book by the one and only Keith Skipper. A collection of some of his finest articles over the years.

The people of Norfolk are the stars of a festive offering by our very own dumpling, the squire of squit himself - Keith Skipper.

If you love our county, our way of life and our unique sense of fun - then you will love this collection of highly entertaining, and at times quite passionate, tales which have appeared in the Eastern Daily Press over the years.

It's called Chronicles from The Edge and Keith has been on edge about our beloved Norfolk ever since it became obvious dark forces were at work - to make it look, sound and feel like everywhere else.

His deep concerns are equalled by warm salutes to Norfolk's most durable qualities - including a sense of humour as dry as a bone.

The former Evening News scribbler, turned broadcaster, author and now a local celebrity has always had a sharp pen as this selection of stories proves.

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'Over three decades of full-time endeavour with local newspapers and radio left me tantalisingly short of that enclosure reserved for the media's top movers and shakers.

'Failure to grasp the basics of shorthand plus a lifelong fear of anything with knobs, switches and wires may have counted against me, along with a lack of a driving licence, occasional lapses in deferential behaviour and a blunt refusal to pretend to be earnest about things that don't really matter,' he says.

While he has camped on the fringes of show business over the years Skip is still a class act with his pen and, thank goodness, still has a deep unease about some of the things happening in Norfolk.

The articles from his EDP despatch box since the mid-1980s include a fair amount of evidence to reinforce a reputation of someone who welcomes progress - as long as it doesn't change anything.

But they also celebrate some of Norfolk's gloriously durable qualities displayed by colourful and life-enhancing characters Keith has met over the years.

There are Duncan Forbes, Ken Brown, and John Bond of Canary fame plus locals like

the Rev Colin Riches, marshman Eric Edwards, Ian Emmerson and so many more.

Characters from all walks of life who make Norfolk what it is - special.

<t>Chronicles from The Edge by Keith Skipper is published by Mousehold Press at �9.99 and is in the shops now. Click on www.mousehold-press.co.uk

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Keith pays tribute in his book to a much-loved Norfolk comedian who is appearing in the Christmas Seaside Special at Cromer this year.

What's his name:

<1> Norman Knight.

<2> Christopher Crab

<3> Olly Day.

<t> Send your answers to me, Derek James, Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich, NR1 1RE, or email them to derek.james@archant.co.uk

They must arrive by Thursday December 13 and the first five names out of the hat which the correct answer get a book. Usual Archant rules apply.