It’s not easy being green... Why is it so expensive to be eco-friendly?

Reduce packaging waste by choosing loose fruit and veg where available

Loose fruit can often be more expensive than pre-packed items, writes Sophie Wyllie - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The need to have a greener more environmentally-friendly life has never been more important.

The year 2021 is thought to be a “make or break” in the global climate emergency, as the window of opportunity to remain under 1.5C  diminishes.

And with world leaders set to meet and discuss how to tackle at the Conference of Parties in Glasgow from November 1 to 12, it is right everyone plays their part in this fight.

But let’s be honest, going green is pretty expensive.

And it is not always practical for normal folk to go totally green - despite the best of intentions.

Take plastic - a material which has come into the spotlight over the past few years because of its long-term effects on the natural environment when it is dumped in landfill.

There have been concerted efforts by supermarkets to reduce the amount of plastic around produce and make packaging more recyclable but there is still a long way to go.

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Don’t worry though, the retail giants have cashed in by flogging plastic bags that used to be free for increasing amounts and calling them ‘bags for life’.  

It is not always as cheap to buy fruit and veg loose, compared to packaged items.

There is also the argument that you can buy goods from zero-waste stores, local markets, greengrocers and butchers, which reduces the packaging.

But some areas are not always lucky enough to have one of these independent stores and stalls nearby.

Working families also may not have time to shop in these places with the only opportunity being the weekly supermarket shop.

And with rising living costs, the idea of switching to an electric car and installing an air source heat pump on your house is just financially out of the question for most.

Things have definitely got better in my lifetime in terms of society being environmentally aware but it definitely needs a global approach that encompasses everyone, no matter what situation you are in life.

And we need to somehow make it cheaper for ordinary folks to be able to make a difference as well.