That’s it, I’m ready for Christmas – and I won’t apologise for saying it

Late night Christmas shopping and lights in Norwich.PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY

Ellie Pringle on why she's ready for Christmas - Credit: Archant Norfolk

I can already hear the sleigh bells.  

Don’t get me wrong – I love summer. In fact, I probably prefer the summer season to winter when it comes to climate.  

But I’m ready for it to retire gracefully.  

I packed away my summer dresses and shorts and was woolly-jumper ready, only for the sun to stealthily sneak back in. 

Now I’m not wishing the next few months away.  

A friend (who shall remain unnamed) said I was “a bit sad” if I was ready to write off the weeks to come.  I don’t disagree. 

Another mate looked slightly baffled when I mentioned I had “accidentally” listened to a couple of Christmas tunes.  

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In my defence they were on a playlist and I was washing up across the room – so what’s a girl to do?  

Now I love Christmas as an event – but I know that’s not the case for everyone.  

Spending proper time with my family – which is scattered up and down the country – is something which doesn’t happen very often and I’m hugely appreciative of.  

I also love the carols, the food, and quite frankly, any excuse to drink mulled wine.  

So all of the above are factors in why I’m ready to see the back of summer. 

But most importantly I’m looking ahead because I’m so tired of looking back. 

I’m overwhelmed when I think about the magnitude of what the world has been through. 

Like many others, I’m still processing and that will continue to happen in the months and maybe even years to come. 

So when I say I’m excited for Christmas, it’s not because I want to spend a load of money and listen to Mariah Carey on repeat. 

It’s because (and I write this with trepidation) there is a date in the calendar to truly look forward to.


And I won’t apologise for it.