Revealed: Where BT wants to put 11 new 'Street Hubs' in Norwich

One of 11 new BT Street Hubs will be placed outside of John Lewis in Norwich

One of 11 new BT Street Hubs will be placed outside of John Lewis in Norwich - Credit: Archant/BT

The 11 proposed locations of new high-tech BT Street Hubs featuring wifi and phone charging ports have now been revealed.

The hubs, which will be replacing traditional telephone kiosks, are being rolled out across the country to mark the 100th anniversary of the UK's first phone box.

Fitted with 75in screens, the monolithic structures will allow people to make free phone calls, use a built-in tablet and charge their devices through USB ports.

Eleven BT Street Hubs are set to be installed in Norwich

BT Street Hubs are set to be installed across Norwich - Credit: BT

Earlier this week, the telecommunications giant revealed it would be submitting planning applications for 11 of the hubs across the city.

A spokesman for BT said: "We’re working collaboratively with Norwich City Council as we look to install Street Hub 2.0 units across the area.

"Over 400 of our existing Street Hub units are already delivering a wide range of economic, social and technology benefits to communities and local councils up and down the country – from connecting local people, businesses and visitors to free ultrafast Wi-Fi, to ensuring that people can contact the emergency services or charity helplines in times of need."

"Our new Street Hub 2.0 units introduce upgraded features such as the functionality to provide environment monitoring for local authorities, the ability to boost 4G/5G mobile coverage and free screen time to local authorities to help promote local community services.

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"BT recently announced plans to roll out more than 200 Street Hub 2.0 units to new sites across the UK over the next year."

The first two of the 11 applications submitted were to replace the kiosks in Plumstead Road, which was once crashed into by a car, and Lilburne Avenue, which is now virtually hidden by overgrowing plants.

And now, the locations of all 11 hubs can be revealed.

Should the plans be approved, the hubs will be at:

  • Woodgrave Parade, Lilburne Avenue
  • Plumstead Road
  • Brigg Street  
  • Thorpe Road
  • St Giles Street
  • St Swithins Road
  • All Saints Green
  • St Stephens Street
  • Rampant Horse Street
  • Sprowston Road
  • Colman Road

And it would also be far from the first time former phone boxes have been repurposed, with others in the city used as shops, including one now used in Tombland as a cactus stall.