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Procrastination is the thief of time, says Anne Francis, business coach at BizFizz

The business coach - Anne Francis, business coach at BizFizz

Procrastination is the thief of time

An issue that often crops up in the coaching I do with local business people is that old chestnut - procrastination thieving our time.

I have learned over the years that underneath the strategy of putting things off is a fear of failure or sometimes even a fear of success.

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I remember years ago starting a business with my ex-husband that grew very quickly and for the first time in my life I experienced the fear of success.

The more money we had coming in the further out of my comfort zone we stretched.

As creatures of habit we tend to experience life within comfortable boundaries - we are all unique in this matter - one person's comfort zone is another's nightmare - one person's hang gliding is another's stamp collecting.

In retrospect and with the wonderful glow of hindsight it would have been helpful for us to have had a calm, straight talking business coach to talk to about the impact that this stage of the business development was having on us.

We may have created a very different outcome to giving up the business which is what we eventually chose to do.

I learned a big lesson and have a much better understanding of the fear that comes with change.

We make a decision, we make our plans and then sometimes something kicks in to hold us back.

At this point we have a choice. To give up or to recognise it for what it is - a normal, natural response to change and an opportunity to get more information in - or develop plan B and plan C, ask for help, guidance or advice, get some more training, do some more research, then taking a deep breath carry on regardless.

I have found that these feelings of procrastination pass quite quickly when we realise their purpose.

Strong survival instincts keenly honed to keep us safe may be very appropriate when faced by a harsh winter in a cave or a raging sabre toothed tiger - but less necessary now in our warm, modern, well-fed existences.

So if you've been feeling like making a positive change in your business, I recommend that you do your research then step out boldly knowing that you have more resources than you think and there are more solutions than are at first apparent.

At some point we just have to wrest control from our procrastination, take the leap and do it!

BizFizz offers free business coaching to entrepreneurs in Norwich. For more information visit www.bizfizz.org.uk

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