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Simon Greenall was among the guests in our first 100 shows on Mustard. Photo: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Simon Greenall was among the guests in our first 100 shows on Mustard. Photo: Yui Mok/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Having reached our landmark 100th Mustard Show last Friday, this week we've taken time out to look back at our best bits so far. And we're glad we did…

3 Up Front is on Thursdays and Fridays. Photo: Paul Chesterton

3 Up Front is on Thursdays and Fridays. Photo: Paul Chesterton - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

At a channel like Mustard – and especially on a show like The Mustard Show – life is always forward focused.

The race is ever on to chase down the next story, speak to the next guest or get to the next event. All too rarely do we get a chance to look back, take stock and enjoy all we've been so privileged to be a part of.

It's easy to forget just how much we've managed to pack into our first few months on air, but with 100 Mustard Shows now under our belt we wanted to invite our viewers – and our presenters – to pick through the nuggets of TV gold they have all helped us mine. Here's just some of what they came up with…

An Alan Partridge exclusive on our first ever show (yes, there will be an Alpha Papa sequel and, yes, it will be filmed in Norwich). Alan Partridge's best mate Michael (aka Simon Greenall) came in to chat about switching on the Norwich Christmas lights AND being the voice of those pesky insurance meerkats.

Abigail Blake, an Access To Music student. The Music Mash is at 7.15pm tonight.

Abigail Blake, an Access To Music student. The Music Mash is at 7.15pm tonight. - Credit: submitted

We've met an octogenarian fencer and formed our own barbershop quartet. We went canoeing on the Broads, we lost a camera on the Broads (oops!) and we almost lost our minds taking on the world's hottest chilli.

In our first 100 shows The Mustard Show welcomed all manner of cute and cuddly animals (come on, who doesn't love a baby hedgehog?) and, crucially, a whole host of local lovelies that makes everyone at Mustard so proud to be able to make shows that we can honestly say are made for the people of Norfolk and by the people of Norfolk.

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All of those highlights and more we've packed back in to this week's shows – we hope you've loved reliving them as much as we have.

The Mustard Show: Monday – Friday: 6.15 and 8.15pm


The Canaries are back. And so is 3 Up Front. Our boys in yellow and green have returned for their Championship push and Mustard's boy with the beard, Michael Bailey, is back on his Thursday night perch to talk us through the best of the Norwich City action.

It's fair to say that Michael started the season a little more promisingly last Thursday than Neil Adams's team did last Sunday. A panel that included Norwich legend Iwan Roberts predicted only good things from Carrow Road this season. So with what we all hope was just a blip now out of the way in Wolverhampton, it's all eyes on Saturday and a first home fixture of the season against Watford. Joining Michael to talk tactics, team selection and where the goals might come from is the Evening News's very own Dave Powles.

In the local sporting spotlight this week is basketball. Expect plenty of fast and furious action as Sports 'n' All's goes out and about to take on Norwich's streetballers. Joining Tom and co-host Phil Armes in the studio for a much more leisurely paced chat about 3-pointers, crossovers and slam dunks is England Basketball's Eastern Region Chairman Andrew Millbourne.

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Si Holden has been known to enjoy the odd (sometimes very odd) hard rocking party in his time. Fatherhood has mellowed our resident muso and his days of full horns rocking are mostly behind him. But determined to show he can still mosh with the best of our local metalheads, this week Si played host to Norwich band done good, Synaptik.

Fresh from their slot at Bloodstock – the prize for triumphing in the recent Metal2TheMasses competition – they talked Si through their new video (well, at least the bits we could show) and that all-important spot on stage at one of THE big national metalfests.

Up-and-coming Singer/Songwriter Abigail Blake, pictured below, left the confines of her Dereham recording studio (which also doubles as her bedroom) to also join Si on the Music Mash sofa. Abigail filled us in on her recent shows at both the Norwich Arts Centre and Latitude Festival. She also talked us through her musical talents – talents she put to good use on her recent self-produced EP and that extend beyond the guitar and keyboard to also take in the harp!

The Music Mash: Wednesdays & Thursdays at 7.15pm

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