WATCH: Mysterious light stumps paranormal experts

Suzanne Farnham/Dr Becky Smith ghost light

The mysterious orb spotted in north Norwich. Insert top: Dr Becky Smith, parapsychologist. Insert bottom: Suzanne Farnham, who captured the light - Credit: Suzanne Farnham/Dr Becky Smith

From fairies to UFOs or even a ghost ... experts are stumped by this mysterious glowing orb in a city street.

The footage was captured by a CCTV camera in Hunter Road, Upper Hellesdon, on December 12 at 4.35am.

"It's the best ghost video I've seen all year. It's so curious," Chris Romer chairman of The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP).

"There's a long tradition of mystery lights in Norfolk so it's not surprising. It looks so spooky.

"I really want it to be a fairy. They manifest as light like that. Ghosts appear as orbs. I'm fascinated now."

Other experts agreed - Robert Moore, a UFOlogist, said: "It is an interesting video and I think it is worthy of further study to determine its true nature."

And Dr David Sivier said: "There's all the folklore about ghostly lights and 'corpse candles'. Its also similar to Ron Huttons story about fairies. I guess it has a natural explanation but right now I'm stumped."

Suzanne Farnham

Suzanne Farnham, from Norwich, caught the mysterious light on her CCTV camera - Credit: Suzanne Farnham

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Suzanne Farnham, who captured the footage, said: "It starts off as half a person and ends as a ball. I'm not even a huge believer in paranormal stuff.

"One of my neighbours has a camera and it didn't pick this up. If it was someone walking then the other camera would have caught it.

"The man next door said before there were houses on this road there was a company who made bricks. And they wore head torches. So it could be the ghost of one of them."

Dr Becky Smith, a parapsychologist

Dr Becky Smith, a parapsychologist - Credit: Dr Becky Smith

But Dr Becky Smith, a parapsychologist, has a rather more earthly explanation. 

"I'm afraid I don't believe it's a ghost," she said. "I'm confused by why the figure appears to duck down about halfway through but not enough to make me think it's anything paranormal.

"It looks like somebody with their phone to their ear and their torch on.

"As they emerge from behind the car they appear to lower their arm. The figure becomes more blurred as the light carries on moving, hence why it looks like a light moving on its own. I think the 'trail' behind the light is just an effect of the bright light moving on the camera footage."