Welcome to the new Evening News website

The new Evening News website

The new Evening News website - Credit: Archant

You'll notice some changes on the Evening News website from Thursday morning.


The site has been redesigned to make it mobile responsive to give our growing number of readers on smartphones and tablets a better reading experience.

We've also reduced the number of sections on the site to make it simpler to navigate and increased the size of images and text in headlines.

The main queue of articles on the homepage displays the latest stories uploaded to the site with the most recent generally appearing at the top.

This includes all articles uploaded rather than just news as on the old site, so you'll see sports stories, motoring, features and news all in the main queue.

To just see news stories or sports stories simply chose the tab at the top of the site for the section you want to view.

When you scroll to the bottom of the homepage you'll see a button on the right-hand side of the screen which will take you back to the top.

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We hope you enjoy the site. Please email tom.bristow@archant.co.uk with any feedback - good and bad.