Weather phenomenon causes 'brown rain' to fall in Norfolk

Saharan dust brings brown rain to Norfolk

People have been surprised to find cars and windows covered in 'brown rain' caused by a rare weather phenomenon that saw Saharan dust brought to the UK. - Credit: John Neethling/Owen Reed

People across the county were left bemused as 'brown rain' fell leaving cars and windows dirty.

The weather phenomenon has been caused by a cloud of Saharan dust that has travelled over 2,500 miles from North Africa to reach the UK.

Dust particles have then mixed with rain clouds before falling to the ground as murky rain.

Saharan dust causes brown rain to fall in Norfolk

'Brown rain' falls upon a member of the public's car window due to a cloud of Saharan dust reaching the UK on Wednesday - Credit: Johan Neethling

Chris Bell, a meteorologist from Weatherquest said: "It's amazing to think this dust was in the Saharan desert only a few days ago.

"A front from the west combined with a strong southerly wind has brought the dust here which has then mixed with rain clouds in the middle of the atmosphere.

"This has caused the orange and pink tint to the clouds.

"The rain is moving east and the clouds will disappear through the evening to make way for a period of dry, sunny days."

The Saharan dust has made its way across Europe, with satellite images showing the dust over parts of France and southern Spain.