'Leave it to us': Tree surgeon warns of dangers ahead of Storm Eunice

Tree surgeons and Storm Eunice Ace of Spades

Storm Eunice is likely to cause damage to trees when it reaches Norfolk on Friday with tree surgeons advising people to "leave it to the professionals. (R) Jack from Ace of Spades - Credit: Suffolk Fire Service/Ace of Spades

Norfolk's tree surgeons will have their work cut out for them in the forthcoming days and weeks as they deal with the aftermath of Storm Eunice.

And they are now urging people to keep safe and leave damaged trees to the professionals.

Winds of 80 mph will reach the county by midday on Friday which will likely cause falling branches and trees to be uprooted.

For Marsham-based tree consultants and surgeons Ace of Spades, its team are "geared up and ready to go" but warn "don't tackle it yourself".

Ace of Spades Marsham tree surgeon

Michael Barker, managing director and tree consultant of Ace of Spades - Credit: Ace of Spades

Michael Barker, managing director, said: "This is a significant event for the county and we anticipate an increased workload over the next few weeks and lots of tree surgeons will be working very hard.

"If you see a tree in bad condition, leave it and stay out of the way. 

"Wind-damaged trees are dynamically unstable. People will pick up chainsaws thinking they can do it themselves but this is dangerous. 

"Tree surgeons do this stuff Monday to Friday and have the experience and the best equipment.

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"Problems emerge weeks after the event so it is really important to have a survey if you are concerned."

Mr Barker advises people who spot damaged trees to wait till its calm, take a look and then send a picture to a professional who will be able to assess. 

The threat of high winds to trees was shown on Wednesday evening, when Storm Dudley caused fallen trees caused roads to be blocked and hundreds of people to suffer power outages due to fallen trees.

Mr Barker, who has over ten years experience in the business, added: "You'll hear it first and that's the point you need to be turning tail and getting out of the way.

"If you see fallen trees in the area, more will likely follow so keep your distance. 

"Any broken or fallen branches, see roots coming up or a tree is moving differently to others, stay well away.

"Keep your Aston Martin in the garage and stay indoors. This is going to be a bit lively."