Temperatures could reach 15C in Norfolk on New Year's Day

Runners taking part in the New Year's Day Parkrun at Catton Park. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Runners taking part in a New Year's Day Parkrun at Catton Park. Temperatures could reach 15C this New Year's Day. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

Norfolk could see temperatures reach 15C on New Year's Day - 8C higher than average. 

Norwich-based forecaster Weatherquest said the days leading up to the new year are going to be mild with some patches of rain and light winds. 

Temperatures will then begin to dip from January 2.

A spokesman for Weatherquest said: "It's going to be mild over the course of the week, with temperatures well above average for this time of year. 

"The weather will be pretty uniform, with everywhere likely to have similar conditions and temperatures.

"The far west of Norfolk, however, could have slightly warmer weather.

"On Thursday there will be patches of rain and some sunshine. The wind will also be picking up, with some very blustery days."

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The new year will start with highs of 15C but will begin to cool with temperatures of 12C.

The average temperature in Norfolk for this time of year is 7C. 

The spokesman added: "New Year's Eve will start out cloudy and is likely to brighten up into the afternoon.

"New Year's Day will be dry with some patches of drizzle which will quickly clear. The evening will contain some rain.

"January 2 will have heavy rain with some sunshine. The temperature will also begin to drop, with next week being cooler."