City set to swelter in heatwave-level temperatures

Castle Meadow and Castle Gardens basking in the spring sunshine.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Norwich is set to bask in the summer sunshine this weekend. - Credit: Antony Kelly

It's expected to be a hot weekend in the city with temperatures expected to get much higher than previously thought.

Lots of sunny weather is on the way for Norwich and the rest of Norfolk, with very little chance of rain over the next week according to the Met Office.

Temperatures are already creeping up in the city and are expected to be around 23C by the end of the week.

It will get much warmer than that at the weekend though – 27C heat is expected in Norwich on Sunday, with the possibility for even higher temperatures elsewhere in the county.

It's not likely to be labelled an official heatwave, though, as it should drop a couple of degrees the following day to a slightly cooler 24C.

For an official heatwave to be declared in Norfolk, temperatures need to equal or exceed 27C for at least three consecutive days.