Car washes in Norwich busy as brown rain makes vehicles 'absolutely filthy'

Saharan dust brings brown rain to Norfolk

People have been surprised to find cars and windows covered in 'brown rain' caused by a rare weather phenomenon that saw Saharan dust brought to the UK. - Credit: John Neethling/Owen Reed

Car washes in Norwich are in high demand after 'brown rain' fell across the country on Wednesday.

A cloud of Saharan dust that reached UK caused the weather phenomenon, with some deposits falling to the ground when it rained.

It resulted in many cars being left looking dirty, with drivers queueing up at car washes to get them back to normal. 

Jay Kolici, owner of Canary Hand Car Wash in Cromer Road, said: "Cars are absolutely filthy and today [Thursday] business has really picked up and it is much busier than usual."

This was echoed by Matthew Edwards, who owns ProShine Valeting Services in Paddock Street.

He said: "We provide our services to the main dealerships including VW, Skoda and Audi and we normally clean their forecourts once a week.

"This has been brought forward to today and in some cases there has been an additional clean."