We’ve made a giant curly wurly, fudge, iced gem and bourbon biscuit!

We have all dreamed about having the chance to eat giant versions of our favourite sweets and chocolates.

The dream has become a reality for brother and sister, David, 20 and Laura Parry, 23 from Downing Mews, Bowthorpe, who have spent this summer creating delicious super-size versions of treats such as a jaffa cake, a fudge bar and a curly wurly.

'It all started when we saw this website called Pimp that Snack,' said David. 'We're both students so had nothing to do over the summer and we thought we would give it a go at making our own giant sweets. It seemed like it would be a bit of fun and it just went from there.

'Neither of us are in anyway cooking wizards. We're just ordinary people.'

The gastronomic geniuses have so far enlarged 11 household name snacks, much to the delight of their friends. Although they plan to continue making more giant sweets, David and Laura are not planning on setting up shop any time soon.

Laura said: 'We get requests all the time asking if we can make them for parties and functions but we just eat them ourselves or give them away to friends.'

David continued: 'I wouldn't know where to start with a business but we will keep making them. Our next idea is to make a giant custard cream.'

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