We need our own Angel of the North - and this is where it should go

The Angel of the North

Eleanor Pringle wants an Angel of the North, but for Norfolk - Credit: NewcastleGateshead Initiative

I was up in Newcastle this weekend (I’m still recovering from the drive) and now I’m convinced we need our own Angel of the North. 

No matter how many times I see the giant figure just off the A1, it surprises me. 

It’s unexpected and it gets people across the country talking about the Toon.

So I think it’s about time we had one in the East. 

For starters, the sculpture is on an A-road. 

If there is ANY region in the country – in fact in Europe – which is contingent on its A-roads it’s East Anglia. 

Northumbria can’t have a three lane carriageway and a massive sculpture – it’s just not fair. 

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So I think it’s only reasonable to politely request we get a few bells and whistles on ours as well.

Now, who would our Angel be? 

It cannot be Partridge. I know as a journalist in Norwich that’s blasphemous to say, but I think we can do a bit better than Coogan. 

I’m a fan of Norwich-born Olivia Colman, but she seems far too modest.

I suspect the editor of the Evening News would nominate himself.

So perhaps Julian of Norwich may be the best option. 

She sums up the proud history of where Norfolk has come from, and where it will go. 

The anchoress was a mystic, she was a linguist, she was an educator. 

But she was also an anomaly – a trailblazer who wasn’t afraid to break the mould. 

We’ve got our likeness, now where should the sculpture be? 

The advantage we have over the North is that it’s pretty flat here, so you’d be able to see this giant figure from further afield. 

We could really take it right out East and pop it on the coast. 

But would that be the best bang for our buck? 

No, it needs to be somewhere that traffic will stop and stare.

The answer is obvious. 

Thickthorn Roundabout.