We must cherish Norwich’s parks which we are so lucky to have

Waterloo Park & Gardens, Norwich. Picture: Mark Dudley

Waterloo Park & Gardens, Norwich. Picture: Mark Dudley - Credit: citizenside.com

I did the Central Norfolk Walking for Health walk at Waterloo Park on February 13 and we were pleased to see work being done on the marvellous herbaceous border.

The border was being dug over, cleared and replanted.

In the summer months this border (which must be 100 yards long) is a riot of colour and is as good as any garden to be seen at National Trust houses.

I have read that nationally public parks are in danger of neglect with all the funding cuts to local government.

We should therefore be glad that the city council can still manage to maintain this garden and the many other excellent parks within the city.

Hopefully residents will take the opportunity to visit and enjoy the parks, especially in summer when there is often a band playing.

Myra Hawtree, Linacre Avenue, Sprowston