We don’t want parking zones say Norwich residents

A petition against a proposal to turn some streets in Thorpe Hamlet into a parking permit zone has been handed in to Norwich City Council.

The council is asking people living in the area, including Belsize Road and parts of Britannia Road and Plumstead Road, if they want to be part of a controlled parking zone (CPZ) following concerns raised about parking. The proposed permit scheme would operate from 8am until 6.30pm between Monday and Saturday.

Paul Kerton, 41, of Britannia Road, strongly opposes the scheme and has delivered a 39-signature petition against it to the city council.

He said: 'The only primary time when there is a possible difficulty in parking is from approximately 6.30pm afterwards due to residents returning home for the evening. A CPZ will not ease parking during this time whatsoever.'

Mr Kerton said he had spoken to 45 households in the area. He said three people were undecided, five people were in favour of the CPZ and 37 were strongly against the CPZ.

Ian Gent, a director of Norfolk Discount Plumbing and Electrical Limited, on the corner of Belsize Road, said: 'We do not want or need a CPZ. A CPZ would affect our business big style unless the council can give us waiting bays.'

But Paul and Hayley Hambrook, 41 and 35, of Belsize Road, were among those in favour of a CPZ.

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Mr Hambrook, an electrician who works shifts, said he often has difficulty parking on Belsize Road because non-residents park there when they go to work, go shopping or go to watch the football.

'I just want to be able to park on my road and I think the permits will help that,' he said.

Amy Lyall, spokesman for the city council, said: 'No decision has yet been made – we have opened up the consultation so that everyone living in the area gets a chance to have their say.'

People have until October 4 to register their views online at www.norwich.gov.uk or by emailing transport@norwich.gov.uk. The issue will be discussed by the Norwich Highways Agency Committee on November 25.

Do you have a story about parking in your area? Contact Emma Knights on 01603 772428 or email emma.knights@archant.co.uk.