Warning for vigilance among road users following Suffolk man’s death

Motorists have been warned to remain observant while driving following the death of a motorcyclist.

Kieron Bell, 34, of Braithwaite Close, Norwich, died in July last year when he crashed with a car on the A143 Bury Road in Stanton.

Speaking at his inquest yesterday Suffolk coroner Dr Peter Dean said it was important for both car drivers and motorcyclists to be aware of what was around them on the roads.

'This seems very genuinely to be a tragic accident,' he said.

'Clearly it's important in the case of the car drivers, as road users, to be aware of vehicles coming up behind them but there does seem to be the possibility the motorcyclist was masked from view.

'It's very important for any road user to think about the possibility of other road users coming up, but it's also important for motorcyclists to be aware of vehicles turning right.' The inquest heard from accident collision investigator Kevin Stark of Suffolk Constabulary who said there were no adverse road or weather conditions on the day.

He added a witness had confirmed she had seen Mr Bell 10 or 15 minutes before the accident and observed he was particularly close behind her before he overtook.

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At the scene of the crash, at the junction with Hepworth Road on the A143, Mr Stark said a Vauxhall Zafira was waiting to turn right, with a car behind when the accident happened.

He added: 'The relevance was that as the Zafira was waiting to turn right she had a vehicle waiting behind her.

'If the deceased had repeated overtaking in a similar style it would appear he got very close to the vehicle in front which would have prevented the Zafira from seeing him until the last minute.'

He added the crash had been a 'glancing blow, albeit at more than a glancing speed'.

Dr Dean recorded a verdict of accidental death.