‘Ecstatic and overwhelmed’ - Football team achieve goal to play together again

The team will now form the Mulbarton Belles after a vote was held this week. Picture: Mulbarton Bell

The team will now form the Mulbarton Belles after a vote was held this week. Picture: Mulbarton Belles - Credit: Archant

A football squad’s trial to be allowed to play together has come to an end after securing the votes needed to start their own team.

The Mulbarton Belles, made up of former players of Thorpe St Andrew Ladies, have seen the end to a two month dispute which saw players wishing to leave.

Complications arose when players were told they had signed on to the club because they expressed an interest to play on WhatsApp and the league’s teams refusing initially the formation of the Mulbarton squad.

More: ‘It has given us hope’ - Footballers want to form new team after dispute with former clubBut after a U-turn by Thorpe St Andrew and Norfolk FA, the club’s formation came before the league a second time and scored the result the players wanted.

Megan Belsey, who is on the team with her twin sister Melissa said she will never forget the feeling of finding out the team could play together again.

The 21-year-old, from Tuckswood, said: “I am feeling very ecstatic and overwhelmed by the outcome. I just can’t wait to get back out there and play the sports I have loved since I was a little kid.

“I remember reading the news on Wednesday evening that we had been accepted. My phone was going mental I then read the news and turned to my twin and started celebrating. That very moment and feeling is something I will never forget. I think many of the ladies will agree with me on this as well.”

The team met 24 hours later for a training session and are waiting to find out when their first match will be.

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Miss Belsey said: “The atmosphere was on a different level, it had that Christmassy spirit, in a sense that the ladies were extremely happy and positive for football to begin again. I can honestly say I have never seen 15 plus players smile so much in my life.”

The centre back said they have the facilities to play matches mid week due to flood lights to catch up on games, as the season is already underway.

Miss Belsey said: “Although the journey has been a difficult one and one we never wanted to endure.

“We are very happy that we have a positive outcome, which enables the ladies to play the sports they loved.

“We are very happy that we have in fact encouraged ladies, who left the sports due to personal circumstances to come back into the sports, and we very excited to welcome them on board too.”