Volunteer hopes skydive can help to keep vintage Vulcan flying high

Vulcan to the Sky

Vulcan to the Sky - Credit: Archant

A volunteer from Costessey dedicated to his chosen charity organised a sponsored skydive in order to raise funds for its educational programme.

Lee Gosling, a 35-year-old sales representative, organised the event to raise funds for the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, seeks to fund and raise awareness for the protection of the Vulcan XH558 The Spirit of Great Britain, a historic aircraft.

People from around the country bravely taking their own flight out of a plane yesterday in aid of the charity, which strives to continue to keep a significant part of history alive.

Lee joined the Vulcan to the Sky Trust in 2007, four months before the Vulcan's first flight following her restoration.

Ever since then, he has been actively involved in the charity, becoming a regional fundraiser for East Anglia in 2011.

He regularly organises events which help the charity, and has already been involved in 25 events this year alone.

He said: 'When I was younger I was into aircraft and attending numerous air shows and I had lots of interest in aviation.'

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'Vulcan to the Sky Trust is looking to inspire and educate children for engineering, maths and science – those kinds of lessons taught in schools.

'I advertised the skydive on Facebook and was surprised at the response we had. Seventeen people from all over the country are doing it.

'We are hoping to raise £5,580 – so far we have raised just over £3,200.'

From Kent to Derbyshire, dedicated Vulcan fanatics were aiming to travel to Cambridgeshire to assist the charity and for their own adrenaline rush.

To donate to Vulcan to the Sky Trust's charity skydive visit justgiving.com/vulcanxh558skydive.

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