Volunteer going the extra mile for schoolchildren around the world

Mark Pointer, who will be working to work to raise awareness for Footsteps for Futures

Mark Pointer, who will be working to work to raise awareness for Footsteps for Futures - Credit: Archant

A hospital worker is preparing to put himself in the shoes of children in devloping countries as he gives up his car and walks six miles to work every day.

Mark Pointer, from Norman Drive, Old Catton will make the six-mile trek to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital every day to raise money for poverty charity Results UK.

Mark, a Healthcare Finance Practitioner is a volunteer for Footsteps for Futures, Results UK's challenge to increase awareness for children across the world who walk miles to school every day.

The 46-year-old said: 'We do a lot of work with education and the developing world, and we want to raise awareness of the fact that a lot of children do not have the luxury of a car to get to school, but are still determined to get there.'

For the past two years, Mark, who works in the Microbiology department, has taken part in a number of charity challenges, including Unicef's Live Below The Line, where he lived on £1 per day.

Now involved in Footsteps for Future, he said: 'I've started it this week and it's taken me roughly two hours to walk to work. I've been waking up at 5.30am and leaving home at 6.30am.

He added: 'I feel very passionate about the fact that every child in the world deserves a quality education.

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'That's something we should be fighting for, not just in our own country but around the world.

'An education gives young people opportunities, it opens doors for them.'

Aaron Oxley, Executive Director at Results UK said: 'We are delighted that Mark is giving his time to support Results UK on this campaign.

'We believe that education is central to ending poverty, education empowers children and is one of the most effective development interventions.'

To donate to Mark's fundraising challenge, visit everyclick.com/footstepsforfutures-norwich.

Are you taking part in a challenge for charity? Email locallife@archant.co.uk.