Villagers near Norwich set to fight plans for new homes

People in a village near Norwich are fighting a proposed development on their doorsteps.

Villagers from The Ramblers estate, off Norwich Road, Bixley, have been angered by plans for 30 to 40 homes, plus commercial units, on a field behind their homes. Now they are starting a petition to present to South Norfolk Council, which will rule on the application by developers Crown Point Estates.

One of the protesters, Roger Pemberton, said: 'It doesn't fit with the shape of the village; it doesn't need more houses. Increased traffic will be a major issue. The developers are trying to push it through without proper consultation. I'm not expecting the council to say it is suitable. If logic dictates, it won't go through. We don't want the villages to move closer together or to become part of Norwich.

'We are getting a lot of support from across South Norfolk.' The area has a number of sites earmarked for development under the Local Development Framework, which is open for anyone to comment on.

Chairman of Bixley Parish Council Jill Alvey said: 'The Ramblers residents are absolutely furious; there is a very strong feeling and they're organised. There are lots opposed to it and they are fighting.'

She said people are also concerned about the area's wildlife, such as bats and protected species of newts.

Ingleton Wood, a building consultant representing Crown Point Estates, declined to comment until a later date.

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