VIDEO: Norwich woman Tanya Burr’s make-up tutorials are a YouTube hit

Self-confessed country girl from Norwich is a YouTube sensation, with over 2 million visitors to her online make-up tutorials each month, and she's on guest lists for high-profile parties in London and Dubai.

A self-confessed country girl from Norwich has become a YouTube sensation, with more than two million visitors to her online make-up tutorials each month - and she's on guest lists for high-profile parties in London and Dubai.

But former Notre Dame sixth form pupil Tanya Burr, 22, from Tasburgh, says she loves where she is from, and isn't planning on leaving her barn conversion in south Norfolk.

Since her school days, Miss Burr has been building a huge online following, now with over 200,000 people subscribed to her YouTube channel where she demonstrates basic and complex make-up techniques, to audiences from the UK, America, Australia and the Midddle East.

Miss Burr explains how the last six years of her life have been 'totally unexpected'. She said: 'I had no idea any of this would happen: it's been a total whirlwind.'

After attending Long Stratton High School and then Notre Dame sixth form, Miss Burr did a make-up artist short course, and began working on a beauty counter in Jarrold in the city centre.

She said: 'I would come home from work and record videos to post to YouTube. Early on, they were mainly celebrities' looks, where I could give step-by-step tutorials on how to recreate famous faces.'

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After two-and-a-half years working in the city centre, Miss Burr decided to leave her job and concentrate on the ever-growing success of her blog and tutorials, using social media platforms such as Twitter to gain more popularity.

As followers were increasing, Miss Burr found advertising revenues through YouTube were beginning to pay well. She said: 'I am still so flattered that people like me enough to watch me every day, and it makes doing the videos so rewarding.'

Despite having a frantic business calendar, with meetings in London several times a week, Miss Burr's residence of choice remains Norfolk.

Living with her boyfriend, Jim Chapman, 24 from Attleborough, Miss Burr said: 'It's so important being close to my family in Norwich, and I love the chilled out lifestyle here.'

Despite the firm grounding she has in her local roots, Miss Burr is no longer just a make-up artist, but a personality as well.

Many consumer products Miss Burr uses turn to gold. A Mulberry handbag she recently wore had the Mulberry website receiving a massive surge in hits, and as a result Miss Burr was invited to the Mulberry fashion show and after party. Miss Burr said: 'I get to do such amazing things, but I really want to remain someone people can relate to, and my tutorials professional and full of instructions. The most important thing is to give viewers what they want, and to keep the videos unique and professional.'

You can find out what Tanya is doing next by following her on twitter, @tanyaburr or view her on YouTube.

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