Video: Norwich mum shows you how to make a paper bag kite

Each month Holly James who runs kids craft club Doodles in Costessey shows you how to get crafty with your kids. This month she shows you how to make a kite out of a paper bag.

You will need:

Paper bag (as large as you can find!)

String (max 3M)

Tissue papers, foil, ribbon etc

Pencils, crayons, paints

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PVA glue


Clear tape

Paintbrushes and pots


1. Using a simple paper bag, draw and cut four holes in each corner at least 1.5 inches from the top. For extra hold, stick clear tape around the hole to stop the bag from ripping.

2. Draw a basic design onto both sides of your kite. Try a floaty bird or even a speedy aeroplane design!

3. Use paints, pens and pencils to colour in your design. Using PVA glue, stick lightweight collage materials (tissue paper, foil, sweet wrappers etc) onto your kite. Add some glitter to make the kite sparkle in the sun!

4. Glue on long, bright tissue paper streamers to the end of the kite to keep it flapping in the wind.

5. Cut two pieces of string (approx 50-80cm), and put through opposite holes, loop and tie. Cut another length and put through the two string loops you have made. Tie the ends together to create a handle for your kite.

6. Open up the bag and fly your kite on a blowy day outside!

Holly's top tip:

Use metallic paint and shiny collage materials for extra sparkle.