Video: Marti Pellow talks about Jekyll & Hyde

Marti Pellow returns to Norwich Theatre Royal next week to star in another hit Broadway musical. He takes on the lead in Jekyll and Hyde. Here he talks about why he was so keen on playing the famous duel role.

Described as glamorous, sexy and deliciously wicked, the show is based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic gothic novella and sees Marti play the brilliant but obsessive scientist whose sadistic alter ego wreaks havoc across London.

He says playing the lead role is certainly a real challenge. Marti explained: 'Hyde the bad guy just offered himself up for some bizarre reason. The challenge is Jekyll. I always knew that would be a difficult one – to have that softness and accessibility to his plight.'

But Marti admits the evil Mr Hyde also brought with it the challenge of capturing evil and fury. He said: 'Everyone is very familiar with those feelings and anger is very easy to tap into. I think the contained anger of the character makes it more fascinating. The scariest person to me is the person who doesn't say anything.'

The show itself is written by Frank Wildhorn with the book and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, whose previous productions include Scrooge and Doctor Doolittle.

A smash-hit on Broadway, the show ran for over 1,500 sell-out performances between 1997 and 2001.

The combination of the American success, the high-quality of the writing and the enthusiasm of Marti Pellow to be involved with the show persuaded legendary theatre producer Bill Kenwright to take the show on a UK tour before hopefully heading into the West End.

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Impresario Mr Kenwright said: 'Marti Pellow came to see me and said this is a musical I want to do. There are obviously fantastic songs in it but his main reason was that he wanted to extend his extraordinary career.'

? Jekyll & Hyde is at Norwich Theatre Royal from June 6-11, �30.50-�6.50, 01603 630000,