Video and Photo Gallery: Zumba fitness craze sweeps through Norwich

The latest fitness craze to sweep through Norwich has been attracting hundreds of people ditching the gym to join in the party action at a night club in the city.

The Latin-inspired Zumba Fitness work-out originated from Colombia in South America in the nineties and has exploded in the city, attracting nearly 250 people to the latest class taking place at Project night club on Wherry Road at Riverside.

Leading the class is qualified Zumba instructor Sallie-Anne Sadler who explained why it has become such phenomenon.

'It is absolutely for anyone,' she said.

'Your mum, you grandmum, anyone. Men, women. Because of the nature of it, anyone can do it.'

The thirty-seven-year-old started off her career in the fitness industry in 1998 as an Exercise to Music instructor, teaching exercise classes in and around Norwich, and became a Zumba instructor in May 2010.

Passionate about exercise and fitness, the mum of two explained that even she was surprised with how well Zumba has taken off and now runs a full schedule of classes and is often asked to do more.

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'I wasn't too sure about doing it but at my first class I had almost 50 people and I haven't looked back since. It is just gone woosh.

'If you've ever wanted to do some cheesy dance moves, you can do them at Zumba, it is so addictive.

'Sometimes I kind of feel like a popstar with the mic on, and I'm sure this will be the highlight of my career.'

Zumba is held at a variety of places all over the city, from community centres, to dance studios, by a number of instructors and is described as an exhilarating and effective, easy-to-follow, latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party, that blends international music.

It is now the world's largest dance-fitness program with more than 10m people taking Zumba classes in over 90,000 locations across more than 110 countries.

Classes at Project run every Wednesday with another class being introduced on Saturdays from starting from April 23.

• For more information about Zumba visit or contact Sallie-Anne at or call 07793 908361.

• View the photo gallery and Zumba video of the work-out action and why not upload your own Zumba-inspired video below?

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