Victory for Hellesdon bus passengers

Passengers have won a battle with a bus company to ensure drivers pick up at a designated stop near their homes.

A row had erupted between people living in part of Hellesdon and First Eastern Counties Buses after drivers on the number 27 service refused to pick passengers up at the stop between Cottingham Drive and Bernham Road on Reepham Road.

Passengers had been left waiting in the rain on occasions as bus after bus drove past them without stopping.

A series of complaints had been made to First and each time the passengers were assured that buses should stop there and that drivers had been informed. Still, however, the bus drivers would not stop.

Passengers did not know why services did not stop, but now a driver notice has finally been issued to address the matter. A First spokesman said: 'We are aware that there was an issue with some drivers not stopping at the Cottingham Drive and Bernham Road bus stop on services 26 and 27. This stop has the backing of the trade union and has been risk assessed.

'We have issued a driver notice explaining this.

'I would ask any passengers waiting at this bus stop to contact our customer service team if they experience any further issues so that we may internally investigate, and deal with the driver concerned.'

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Roy Ramsbottom, 62, of Raymond Close, Hellesdon, said: 'It hadn't been fair on bus passengers, particular the elderly. My mother and her friends often use that stop.

'Hopefully the older people will feel the issue has been resolved and all the 27 buses will stop there from now on. I think this may clear it up for everybody once and for all.'

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